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Steve Brown

Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm the service manager at Current Electric. When I left college, I started looking for a career, and Current was one of the first places I found. At the time, there wasn't an opening, but Chuck noticed my gifts of leadership and resourcefulness so he decided to make a spot for me.

I learn fast and I'm great with people, which helps me be quick and efficient in my role. I provide options to clients and come up with several ways to fix a problem, then help them to decide on the one with the most added value. What I love about this job is that the sky is the limit! I will never stop learning and growing as long as I am here, and I can get out of every task what I put into it.

When I'm not working, I'm generally playing or watching sports, particularly football, basketball, and baseball. I love doing outdoor activities with my kids, weather permitting, especially fishing, hiking, and cooking on the grill. Plus, I'm addicted to fantasy football. I'm proud to have my Associates and Bachelors in Business Management and Leadership, but as long as I work for Current I know I'll be learning something new.


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